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Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Posted: October 29, 2020

The end of the year holiday season is a magical time, but the stress of scheduling and planning, and the temptation of holiday goodies can lead to unwanted weight gain. It is important to stay on track in order to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain optimal health. Here are some tips to enjoy the holidays without weight gain.

Snack Smart

It is important to stick to your regular eating plan during the holidays, but make sure that you don’t feel deprived. Showing up on an empty stomach is a sure fire way to end up overindulging. Before attending any small holiday gatherings, plan to have a small protein filled snack such as a greek yogurt or a low sodium turkey and cheese rollup. Offer to bring a veggie plate with low-cal dip so you have something to munch on.

Help Yourself to Hydration

Staying hydrated can help ward off cravings and it keeps your hands full, which makes it easier to turn down sugary temptations. Avoid alcoholic beverages, which add empty calories and lower inhibitions. Try dropping a few cranberries or mint leaves into a glass of water or sugar free iced tea for a festive drink!

Focus on Non-Food Traditions (or make new ones!)

We know that lots of family traditions revolve around food, but we can celebrate the holidays in lots of other ways. Skip the sweet treats in favor of ornament decorating or finding safe ways to give back to local charities, instead.

Make Time for Movement

Holidays can be some of the busiest times of the year, but don’t forget to make time for yourself to stay active! If you find yourself too busy during the day, try waking up a little earlier to exercise first thing. To add in some extra steps, take a walk around the neighborhood to check out holiday decorations!

Happy Holidays From ASA

Dr. Doucette, Dr. Foreman, and the whole team at Alabama Surgical Associates wish all of our patients and their families a happy and healthy holiday season. Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.