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Healthy Weight Loss Specialists

We offer a broad range of effective weight loss treatments for people struggling with weight management. Our board certified surgeons have extensive training in laparoscopic weight loss procedures as well as non-surgical medical weight loss treatment plans. We are here to help you find the best solution for your lifestyle.

Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery Options at Alabama Surgical Associates

Weight loss surgery should be viewed first and foremost as a way to alleviate debilitating, chronic disease. In most cases, the minimum qualification to be a candidate for the procedure is an excess 100 pounds above your ideal body weight or a Body Mass Index of 40 or greater. Occasionally, a procedure will be considered for someone with a BMI of 35 or higher. In these cases, the person’s doctor needs to conclude that obesity-related health conditions have led to a medical need for weight reduction and that surgery is the only way to accomplish this.

Weight Loss Options

At ASA, we have been helping morbidly obese patients achieve sustained weight loss and lifestyle changes with weight loss surgery since 1998.

Comprehensive Treatment & Support

To meet the special needs of our patients from across the region, we have partnered with the Bariatric Wellness Institute and Crestwood Hospital. At these institutions, our board certified surgeons offer both industry-leading expertise and the support and encouragement you need for long-term success.

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

Get started on the path towards successful weight loss by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Doucette or Dr. Foreman. For more information about your weight loss options, please contact our office, call us at (256) 880-1977.