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Your Weight Loss Journey Has Begun

We are honored to be by your side! After your procedure, your bariatric surgeon and the team at Alabama Surgical Associates will provide post-surgical care and give you the support you need for optimal weight loss and and long-term success.

It is normal to feel a little nervous about what life will be like after your bariatric surgery. At Alabama Surgical Associates in Huntsville, we will explain what to expect during recovery, how to navigate the different stages of your post-bariatric diet, and give you the support to make healthy choices for life.

If you are still figuring out if bariatric surgery is right for you, take a look at How to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery, which will explain financing and tips for getting ready for lifestyle changes.

To get answers to frequently asked questions about the bariatric surgery process, see our Step-by-Step Weight Loss Surgery Timeline.

Diet Phases After Weight Loss Surgery

It is important to pay close attention to diet recommendations and restrictions in the days and weeks following your surgery. Your specific recommendations may vary depending on the type of procedure and your individual health. Your doctor and dietitian will provide you with very detailed handouts with specific foods, tips, and recipes, but here is a general overview of the typical post-bariatric diet phases:

Lifelong Eating Habits After Bariatric Surgery

Once you are able to eat a greater variety of foods, it is more important than ever to track what you are eating so you have a realistic view of your intake and to ensure you are getting enough protein.

Your diet should primarily consist of:

  • Lean cuts of meat and low-fat dairy
  • Other protein sources such as eggs and protein shakes
  • Non-starchy vegetables, such as leafy greens, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms and more

You should include smaller amounts of:

  • Fresh fruits, with a focus on lower sugar fruits like berries and melon
  • Healthy fats, such as vegetable oils to cook with and very small amounts of nuts
  • Starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and whole, unprocessed carbs like oatmeal

You should completely avoid:

  • Pre-packaged snacks like bars, chips, dried fruit, and granola (even if marketed as “light” or “high-protein”)
  • Processed carbohydrates like pasta and bread
  • Fried foods and fast food
  • Candy, cakes, and cookies

Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

Exercise is essential to overall health. Bariatric patients who exercise may experience more successful long-term weight loss, as well as a more significant improvement in diabetes and joint pain than those who don’t.1 Here are our tips for exercising after bariatric surgery:

  • Check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program – especially while you are still in the healing stages after surgery.
  • Schedule your workouts. The top excuse for not working out is lack of time, but you should prioritize your health by making exercise appointments with yourself.
  • The best exercise is the one you want to do. If you love nature, try hiking. If you get motivation from others, try group workout classes like Zumba. Try different routines to challenge yourself and find your favorites.

Bariatric Support Groups

There are many resources to help you maintain your weight loss after surgery. We encourage regular follow up appointments at Alabama Surgical Associates in Huntsville. Nutritional counseling appointments with our experienced dietitians are also essential for long-term success. We encourage our patients to go to a local weight loss support group to stay on track and meet people who are on the same journey.

Crestwood Support Group

1st Thursday of every month starting at 6pm
Crestwood Medical Center, 1 Hospital Dr. SW. Huntsville, AL 35801

For more information or to confirm meetings please contact:
Caris Cantrell (256) 429-4092

Huntsville Hospital Support Group

1st Thursday of every month starting at 6 pm.
Huntsville Hospital Dowdle Center, 109 Governors Drive SE. Huntsville, AL. 35801

For more information or to confirm meetings please contact:
Huntsville Hospital
(256) 265-4373

Athens Support Group

Time: 1st Tuesday of every month starting at 6 pm.
Location: Athens Limestone Public Library, 603 S. Jefferson St. Athens, AL 35611

For more information or to confirm meetings please contact:
Sandra Lovell
(256) 771-7600

Decatur Support Group

Time: 2nd Monday of every month at 6pm.
Location: Conference Room, Parkway Medical Center Parkway Medical Center, 1874 Beltline Rd. SW. Decatur, AL 35601

For more information or to confirm meetings please contact:
Vicki Ford
(256) 874-4234

Florence Support Group

Time: 1st Monday of every month, times vary.
Location: Adult Center, Cross Point Church of Christ, 1350 Cox Creek Pkwy. Florence, AL 35633

For more information or to confirm meetings please contact:
Emily Stutts
(256) 577-2294

Follow-Up Care

We are committed to restoring and maintaining the health of our patients. After surgery, our practice will arrange a series of follow up visits to measure your health. Dr. Doucette is an experienced general surgery specialists. If you or a loved one ever need a surgical procedure such as hernia repair, acid reflux surgery, gallbladder surgery, or other general surgical procedures, your Alabama Surgical Associates surgeon is available to help.

New Patient Management

If you had bariatric surgery and are no longer able to see your original surgeon, it is still important to have a relationship with a bariatric specialist. Our surgeon are available to provide follow up care for new patients who previously had surgery elsewhere. If you have moved to the Huntsville area from out of town or out of state, we would be happy to schedule an appointment to establish your care as a patient of Alabama Surgical Associates.

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Post Bariatric Diet E-Store

Supplements are a crucial part of the treatment plan for weight loss surgery patients. Patients take in fewer calories which may lead to lowered vitamin intake, and some procedures can inhibit nutrient absorption. Our doctor and dietitians will give you recommendations for your specific supplemental needs after surgery. We also provide the option to buy surgeon-approved supplements and protein in the office or online.

Click on the logos below to shop products online.

Staying Successful
with Healthy Recipes and Motivation

Successful weight loss requires motivation and support. To help you stay focused on your goals, we share educational and inspirational tips, healthy recipes and patient success stories with our community. Stay connected by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Facebook.

1 Coen PM, Carnero EA, Goodpaster BH. Exercise and Bariatric Surgery: An Effective Therapeutic Strategy. Exerc Sport Sci Rev. 2018 Oct; 46(4): 262–270. Published online 2018 Sep 14. doi: 10.1249/JES.0000000000000168