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How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy

Posted: April 15, 2017

A colonoscopy is one of the best ways to detect abnormalities like colon cancer or polyps, everyone that turns 50 is encouraged to get one. Before having this procedure, however, there are a few things that a patient will have to do to clean out their system. This article will discuss a few ways to prepare for a colonoscopy examination.

We encourage our patients to refrain from eating solid foods for 24 hours before their procedure. And, in some instances, we may require that our patients to go on a clear liquid diet with foods such as chicken broth, clear Gatorade, and applesauce.

In most cases, our doctor will prescribe a laxative prior to the examination. In addition to dietary restrictions and laxatives, our doctor may also encourage that our patients to use an over-the-counter enema to ensure that the bowels are cleaned out.

If you are over the age of 50 and still haven’t had a colonoscopy, contact Alabama Surgical Associates today to schedule your examination.