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Live Longer After Weight Loss Surgery

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There are so many benefits of weight loss surgery. Losing a significant amount of weight can help you feel better, have more energy, and fit into more fashionable clothes, for a start. But the benefits of bariatric surgery go much deeper than the superficial: it can help improve or even resolve diabetes, reduce cholesterol, decrease heart disease risks, alleviate arthritis and osteoarthritis, eliminate sleep apnea, and more. Recent research has shed light on yet another benefit of weight loss surgery—it can significantly increase your life expectancy.

Add Years to Your Life with Weight Loss Surgery

According to recent research, weight loss surgery leads to significant increases in life expectancy when compared with other obesity treatments. Patients who have diabetes can add even more years to their lives by undergoing weight loss surgery.

In a study published earlier this year in The Lancet, data on obese patients was analyzed from multiple trials, cohort studies, and scientific literature. Based on this analysis, researchers concluded that patients lived an average of 6.1 years longer than patients given non-surgical obesity treatment after undergoing a bariatric surgery procedure such as Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding, or Duodenal Switch. Surgical patients also saw a 49.2% decrease in all-cause mortality. Patients with diabetes who underwent weight loss surgery had even greater survival gains: showing a 9.3-year life expectancy increase.

Researchers concluded, “Among adults with obesity, metabolic–bariatric surgery is associated with substantially lower all-cause mortality rates and longer life expectancy than usual obesity management. Survival benefits are much more pronounced for people with pre-existing diabetes than those without.”

Learn More About Weight Loss Surgery Benefits

If you or your loved one struggle with obesity, we can help. Our experienced surgeon provide weight loss surgery to help obese patients lose the weight, and our dedicated staff supports our patients through each step of their weight loss journey. For more information on the many benefits of weight loss surgery, contact us today.