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Wes G.

Procedure: none

Total Weight Lost:

Surgery Date:

I really didn’t feel like I was stopped from doing the things I wanted. I just slowed down. But going to amusement parks and riding in airplanes was always a pain. My knees suffered the most from the weight.

I didn’t consider it for a long time. I had a buddy that had done it, and it worked great for him. When I finally got tired of seeing the wrong number on the scale, I decided to go for surgery.

I like having a group of people that just wanted to work with me and tell me the facts straight. They didn’t try to push me into extra stuff that would have taken longer to get the surgery done, and they just listened to my questions and gave straightforward answers. And even today, I know if I had questions, I could call them, and they would answer them.

I love the freedom of being able to buy clothes where ever I want not just the big guy store. I also love walking into a place I haven’t been in about a year and people trying to figure out who I am.