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Lucia H.

Procedure: none

Total Weight Lost:

Surgery Date:

Comorbidities: Back Pain, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes

I couldn’t be active and run to play with my kids. I had severe back pain from so much weight on my body. I suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes, taking so many medications for pain, and bad health.

I had considered having surgery for years. My insurance would not cover the surgery, and I knew I had to pay out of pocket. That’s when one day, I found Alabama Surgical Associates. They were so affordable at a fraction of the cost anywhere else. So I made a call and was surprised at how quickly the process went.

A doctor called me, told me his expectations, and gave me a diet plan. I was able to do a lot of the paperwork through email for the office. I was out of state and unable to make the drive for everything. They worked with me, and I was able to do all the testing a day before my surgery.