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Surgical Resection of the Large Intestine

If you need a colectomy in Huntsville, Alabama, visit our highly trained team at Alabama Surgical Associates (ASA). Our board certified surgeon has extensive experience performing colectomies, the surgical removal of all or part of your colon. Your colon, also called your large intestine, is a long tube-like organ at the end of your digestive system.

What Does A Colectomy Do?

A colectomy may be necessary to treat or prevent diseases and conditions that affect your colon. These include uncontrolled bleeding from the colon, bowel obstruction, colon cancer, diverticulitis and diverticular disease of the large intestine, and inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

A colectomy may also be recommended as a preventive measure if you have a high risk of developing colorectal cancer. This may be the case if you have some forms of precancerous colon polyps, or have inherited genetic conditions such as familial adenomatous polyposis or Lynch syndrome.

Colectomy Procedure

Surgical removal of part of the colon requires reattachment of the remaining portions of your digestive system to permit waste to leave your body. When the resection is complete, the surgeon can immediately restore the bowel. This is done either by stitching or stapling together both the cut ends (primary anastomosis) or by creating a colostomy.

At ASA, we specialize in laparoscopic colectomy. This means the surgery is minimally invasive, using very small incisions which heal faster and have less chance of infection. Laparoscopic colectomy is now a safe and established alternative to open surgery.

ASA has partnered with Crestwood Medical Center to provide a range of services that meet the special needs of our patients. We are one of the leading providers of bariatric and general laparoscopic surgery, and are committed to creating lifelong, lifestyle changes through surgical excellence.

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You can trust your Colectomy to the skilled, board-certified surgeon at Alabama Surgical Associates (ASA) in Huntsville, AL. For more information about your colectomy, please contact our office at (256)-880-1977 or click here to email us.