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Celina L.

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

Total Weight Lost:

Surgery Date:

At my heaviest (250), I remember not fitting on a ride at a theme park that I was attending with my children. That was when I realized that my lifestyle was out of control. I have a family history of various auto-immune diseases that weight can trigger. My ankles would swell when I tried and exercised, so I knew that I needed medical intervention if I planned to keep the diseases from manifesting early. I already saw struggles with fatigue/energy in my late twenties.

I tried dieting for years and knew that my emotions drove my eating habits, so I placed myself in therapy to sort out my emotions. I was great emotionally but the weight was still there. I was done dieting and telling my children I had no energy to play outside with them.

From day one, I had an entire team of professionals that would answer even the silliest of questions. I flew from South Georgia because the reviews were so amazing for ASA. I sent the lab work their office needed. I attended the required educational class and had my consultation with my surgeon. The night before the surgery, the doctor called to check in with me and make sure I was ready. This surgery went beautifully, and I cannot see any of my scars. The team has kept up with me via email and phone, and the doctor called me one last time after I had arrived home in Georgia to make sure that I was healing well. Best experience I could have asked for.