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Carolyn H.

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

Total Weight Lost: 80

Surgery Date: 02/28/2022

Comorbidities: Knee and back pain, Hypertension

Before surgery, I struggled to perform my job as a physical therapist due to knee and back pain. One flight of stairs would make me short of breath. I was frustrated with being fatigued all the time. I was on blood pressure medication for hypertension.

I was considering weight loss surgery for probably two years before deciding to go for it. I waited because I thought I could do it with diet and exercise. Realizing that I had been on and off diets and exercise routines for the past ten years with no lasting results solidified my decision that I needed the surgery.

Everything has been great working with ASA. From the surgeon to the nutritionist to the receptionist, I have had a wonderful experience. They more than provide you with what you need to accomplish your goals.

Since surgery, I can work an 8-hour shift with no knee or back pain. I can climb two flights of stairs without shortness of breath or chest pain. I can play all evening with my daughter without being so tired, and I am helping coach her cheer squad. My hypertension is gone, and I am completely off all my blood pressure medication.