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Bonnie M.

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

Total Weight Lost: 100

Surgery Date: 12/13/2021

Comorbidities: HTN, Hyper Cholesterol, Migraines, Joint Pain

My weight stopped me from being ME! I couldn’t enjoy the outdoors. I couldn’t enjoy playing with my grandkids or my dogs. I would get completely frustrated just sitting on the “sidelines” watching. My heart felt young, but in reality, I had a very “old” feeling.

I had many medical issues before VSG. I had HTN, hyper cholesterol, migraines, very painful joints, and could not walk distances due to the weight on my knees.

I considered Weight Loss Surgery for about a year. I put off the decision because I had to research. I had to see success stories of people I know or friends of friends.I decided to “go for it” on the day I got on the scales, and it registered 283 pounds. I cried, thinking how close I was to 300 pounds. At only 5’2”, my body was STRESSED by all that weight. I KNEW I had to do something to be around my grandchildren.

Dr. Doucette and his team are PHENOMENAL! I took every word that was said into my soul to ensure success, from insurance specialist, to reception, to nurse, to a dietician, to a psychologist, to the surgeon! Not one bad experience!!

My energy level is out of this world! I enjoy going to the gym! I enjoy being outdoors! I enjoy life! I am off ALL prescription medications (only take vitamins, calcium & collagen!!!). All previous medical issues are GONE! I am healthier not than I was in my twenties!