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April K.

April before and after

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

Total Weight Lost: 114

Surgery Date: 12/27/2021

Obesity prevented me from being active with my family, made me unable to fit on amusement park rides, and prevented me from feeling good about myself.

I had considered weight loss surgery for about 5 years. Initially, I wrestled with whether or not weight loss surgery was “too extreme” of an intervention. I had struggled with negative self image and depression since my mid 20’s. I felt terrible that despite multiple medications, diets and exercise programs, I was a failure because I could not manage my weight. In 2021, I realized that I would be able to reduce my weight to a healthy level without doing something extreme. By this point, I was struggling with sleep apnea, joint pain, fatigue, skin rashes, and with lack of motivation to do little besides go to work and sleep.

The team at ASA were kind and compassionate. They walked me through every part of the process starting with the insurance approval process, preparation for surgery, dietary support, education and aftercare. I could not have asked for a better experience!

My life is not hindered by fatigue and low motivation. I am able to engage physical activities, ride every ride at amusement parks, and feel good about my own body.

Since my weight loss, I have reduced my blood pressure medications by half, no longer require CPAP, and can enjoy physical activities without fatigue and joint pain.